BIM Uses

We have learnt about what is BIM and some of the benefits of BIM. But how exactly we can use BIM? What are its applications? What can we do with an information rich 3D model? Let’s explore some of the uses/applications of BIM in this module.


Image Courtesy: Bansri Pandey

BIM Uses for different phases of a project, explained in the BIM Execution Planning Guide There are many different tasks which can benefit from the incorporation of BIM. These benefits are documented as BIM Uses, and this guide includes twenty-five uses for consideration on a project.
The uses of BIM – Classifying and selecting BIM uses. V.0.9, Sep 2013 This document is designed to communicate the BIM Uses classification system and BIM Use Purposes. The first portion of the document introduces the BIM Use classification systems. This is followed by a detailed discussion of the components of the classification system, including the BIM Use Purposes and
BIM Use Characteristics
Understanding Model uses This Model Uses List represents the latest stable taxonomy with 125 Model Uses, organized under 3 Categories and 9 Series.
Implementing Building Information Modelling: a case study of the Barts and London Hospital A cast study of implementing BIM on two large scale hospitals in UK by major contractor Skanska.
Key BIM use cases for a contractor on large and complex Infrastructure projects  This presentation looks at the key drivers for use of BIM technology in construction. Case studies on Infrastructure projects to demonstrate key uses of BIM as a contractor is presented with an emphasis on how to establish a use case.

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