What is BIM?

The concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been around in the construction industry since 1970s. ‘History of BIM‘ highlights more how it evolved over time and came to be the concept as we know it today. Different institutes, professionals and researchers have defined BIM in different ways. Following are some definitions which are widely accepted across the industry. You can also find some opinions about What is BIM from the industry professionals, for you to think about the subject further.

BIM definition by the NBIMS Project Committee National Institute of Building Sciences explains what BIM is in their Frequently asked questions.
BIM definition by NBS-UK National Building Specification for the UK explains the definition of BIM. Also find out what BIM is, as a variety of speakers give their explanation of BIM in a video made by NBS.
 What is BIM
BIM 101: What is Building Information Modeling? Erin Green discusses the definitions, perspectives by different companies and misconceptions around BIM in an article.
 What is BIM? Learn about Autodesk’s perspective on the subject.
 A video about What is BIM? A simple explanation of what is BIM with a video created by bimplicity.

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