Why use BIM?

In this section, learn different perspectives about the benefits of using BIM and why is it important for different professionals in the construction industry.

Why do we need BIM? John Lorimer, Capital Programme Director, Corporate Services, at Manchester City Council explores the advantages of BIM in an article published at National Building Specification for the UK.
Why are building information models important? NBIMS Project Committee answers this frequently asked question while highlighting that because building information models are digital, building elements are infinitely more useful than hand or computer drafted drawings.
Building Information Modeling for the Win: Top 10 Benefits of BIM Matt Ball explains 10 benefits of BIM for building and infrastructure projects in an article published on Redshift-Autodesk.
A 2014 report on Business value of BIM for construction in major global markets SmartMarket report published by McGraw Hill Construction in partnership with Autodesk, AECOM and BIM Forum.
BIM and Why it matters? d3interiors describe their experience of using BIM and why it is important.
A video about Why use BIM?  Michael Evans, Global director of Engineering for Tekla Corporation, talks about the reasons to use BIM.
 For Small Firms
7 Reasons Why Transitioning to BIM Makes Sense for Small Firms Is BIM really necessary for smaller firms? ArchDaily article explores this question and explains the benefits of BIM for smaller firms.
 For Professionals
BIM Benefits Compared to Traditional Planning HWP planung, an architectural firm lists the advantages of BIM from their perspective.
BIM Benefits per profession Juan Rodriguez explores how each different profession (architects, engineers, owners, contractors, etc) can take advantage of BIM in their profession.
How might contractors benefit from using BIM? Nancy Clark Brown writes about some of the benefits of BIM that contractors are realising in their practice.
BIM benefits for MEP Engineers A video by IMAGINiT Technologies explaining why it is beneficial for MEP engineers to use BIM.

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