3D Modelling is at the heart of Building Information Modelling (BIM). But often, it is misunderstood as traditional 3D CAD modelling. While Computer Aided Design and Drafting has brought significant advancements in how AEC industry has been delivering the projects over the last 30 years; Building Information Modelling takes the industry a step ahead from CAD. Explore what the industry professionals have to say about the difference between 3D CAD and BIM.

What’s the Difference between BIM and CAD? Dave Bandi explains in his article published on LinkedIn, how 3D BIM modelling is different from traditional 3D CAD modelling approach.
BIM vs CAD: What’s the Difference? Dan Taylor explains in Capterra Construction Management Blog, the difference between CAD and BIM, and why should a construction manager care?
BIM vs. CAD… What’s the difference?  Charlie Jurgens explains in Akitabox blog about the definitions, applications and practical uses of CAD and BIM, in relation to facility management.
Isn’t BIM just 3D CAD?  Dr Stephen Hamil explains in his article published on National Building Specification(NBS), how BIM is not just 3D CAD and how master specification systems make a huge contribution to the ‘I’ in BIM.

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BIM Roles and Responsibilities

Behind every machine, there is a man. Behind every successful BIM project, there is a competent BIM team.

To achieve the BIM goals identified in the BIM execution plan for your project, it is important to identify and prepare the team that is going to take part in it and whether there are necessary resources and skills available or not. So, how should a BIM team be structured? What skills are necessary for each role? What responsibilities does each member of the team must take? Following are some documents that will guide you while developing your BIM team.

BIM Roles and Responsibilities
BIM Roles and Competences by BIR Bouw Informatie Raad (BIR) explains the most common BIM roles in the Dutch construction sector and the accompanying competences expected from the employees.
BIM Titles and Job Descriptions: How Do They Fit in Your Organizational Structure? In this Autodesk University lesson plan, a leading design/build firm showcases how BIM positions fit in their architecture, engineering, and construction organizational structure. It breaks down each role’s job description, key responsibilities, expectations and technology tools.
BIM Roles and Responsibilities The VA (Department of Veteran Affairs) BIM Guide lists different roles in a BIM team and responsibilities of each role.
Individual BIM Competency The article by BIM ThinkSpace discusses BIM Capability/Maturity assessment and focuses on the BIM competency of individuals engaged in managing, facilitating and delivering model-based projects.
BIM Knowledge and Skills Framework by ACIF and APCC  The framework, published by Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) and Australasian Procurement and Construction Council(APCC) provides guidance about the required skills and education relevant to BIM for a broad range of industry stakeholders.
Common BIM Roles and their
Eng. Sharaf Abdulkader presents on Qatar BIM User Day about the different roles and responsibilities in a BIM team.

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Project Delivery Strategies


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Simply bringing a group of people together does not necessarily ensure that they will function effectively as a team. Lack of organization, misunderstanding, poor communication and inadequate participation can all lead to problems and difficulties which ultimately brings poor value to the client. In the ‘BIM Contracts and Legal Issues‘ we saw some of the legal issues that can arise when BIM is not mitigated well. What then is the best way to bring different participants in the project together and use BIM effectively? Here, we explore different project delivery methods/procurement strategies and what do they mean for a BIM project.

Project Delivery Methods and BIM
Measuring the Impact of BIM
in Design-Bid-Build
This case-study presentation will discuss and analyse the impact of BIM as applied in design-bid-build of a rural, public, higher education facility.
Design/Build and BIM Meet  Jeff Gavin explores in his article how design-build and BIM together are bringing together all who has a stake in the project’s success in the same bucket.
IPD and BIM: A new dimension to collaboration Lindsay Stirton explores in this article, the option of using BIM under an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) contracting model.
Collaborative Project Delivery Collaborative project delivery methods such as design-build, integrated project delivery (IPD), and public-private partnerships (PPP) are gaining ground on traditional approaches. Learn more about these approaches with Autodesk.
How to setup a project organization structure to enhance collaboration for a BIM-enabled construction project commissioned by the private sector? A research paper by Bansri Pandey, explores the impact on BIM by employing different project delivery methods.

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