3D Modelling is at the heart of Building Information Modelling (BIM). But often, it is misunderstood as traditional 3D CAD modelling. While Computer Aided Design and Drafting has brought significant advancements in how AEC industry has been delivering the projects over the last 30 years; Building Information Modelling takes the industry a step ahead from CAD. Explore what the industry professionals have to say about the difference between 3D CAD and BIM.

What’s the Difference between BIM and CAD? Dave Bandi explains in his article published on LinkedIn, how 3D BIM modelling is different from traditional 3D CAD modelling approach.
BIM vs CAD: What’s the Difference? Dan Taylor explains in Capterra Construction Management Blog, the difference between CAD and BIM, and why should a construction manager care?
BIM vs. CAD… What’s the difference?  Charlie Jurgens explains in Akitabox blog about the definitions, applications and practical uses of CAD and BIM, in relation to facility management.
Isn’t BIM just 3D CAD?  Dr Stephen Hamil explains in his article published on National Building Specification(NBS), how BIM is not just 3D CAD and how master specification systems make a huge contribution to the ‘I’ in BIM.

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